Betsoft Gaming Wildly Announces Safari Sam 2 New Update.

Betsoft Gaming Wildly Announces Safari Sam 2 New Update.

Hearty hero Safari Sam is BACK, and in this Savannah-themed sequel to Betsoft Gaming he is waiting for the Call of the Wild. Safari Sam 2 brings its players to this 5 reel 50 pay line slot to fresh heights of gaming rejuvenation. Brim, full of features 新加坡线上赌场, free spins and more, joins Sam for a stack of winnings on his savanna safari.

Using a classic grid, players will assault the SAFARI STACKS with three equivalent symbols on a handle to pay a reward of three kinds. Coinciding symbols fall as new symbols slip down and create further winning opportunities. Stacks can continue until triple vertical matches are no longer possible.

Betsoft Gaming goes wild with latest release Safari Sam 2

The key and free spins 

The answer would be the wild compass. This will replace the Acacia tree which also is a scatter 最佳新加坡网上赌场, except for all the symbols. Any spin could be the call of the Woods, where the Compass wilds for big reward cover up to 4 rolls. Further symbols of Acacia Tree mean more free spins and wins. Three Acacia Trees are set to cause 7 free spins plus 3x bet payout. Acacia Trees pays twelve times the bet and twelve free spins while five acacia Tree symbols cost 50 times the bet and 20 free spins.

A the call of the Woods ensures any free spin. And you will definitely spin and win your way into the sunset on the Savannah with Sam if you have 505 times your full bet. “The Betsoft team is specialised in taking a famous product and giving it a special taste,” said Simona Adjured, Head of account management at Betsoft Gaming. Safari Sam 2 is a great example and we expect that with our players this match will soon become a big favourite.’

Planned for 22 April 2021, Safari Sam 2 will become a member of Betsoft’s rising, premium desktop and tablet video slot portfolio.

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Betsoft Gaming About

Betsoft Games is the industry leader in content and gaming for movie theatres and is a partner with 200+ casino companies worldwide. The Betsoft brand has been a synonym for business growth and creativity since 2006. It has proved to draw, engage and maintain its portfolio of 200 RNG titles. Betsoft is active in more than 15 regulated markets, and has its headquarter and licence in Malta. Gaming Laboratories International certifies its games separately. 

Game enthusiasts around the world are looking forward to Betsoft’s next game, Safari Sam 2. On 22 April 2021 the game will be released.

The 5-roll 50 payline slot would bring new stages of play enjoyment to its game. The game is packed with functionality, free spins etc. To profit from these, join Sam for a stack of winnings in his savannah safari.

Using a classic grid, players will assault the SAFARI STACKS with three equivalent symbols on a handle to pay a reward of three kinds. Coinciding symbols fall as new symbols slip down and create further winning opportunities. Stacks will continue until triple vertical matches are no longer available

How the online casino becomes a highly preferred one?

Multiple characters are started to focusing on the online casino roulette game because this implies the ultimate destination for earn more in a small time. Everyone must try to play this betting game to improve their financial status and it will never be the unwanted one at any time. This will be the right choice forever and surely you will not disappoint about the online casino. There are different kinds of games are available in online casinos and you will choose which one is suitable for you.

Highly valuable one 

Still, you are not started to utilize this betting game you are missing a great opportunity so don’t miss this unique one for any reason. Some people are worried to play the online casino because of the risk behind it so that it is better to play it from the trusted sites. Before started to play it is better to verify that the site is a trusted one or not. It is better to start with minimal investment than only you will easily analyze the logic behind this game.

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Every year the number of players of online casinos are increased and it indicates the value of this game. Money is an essential source for lead a sophisticated life that why most people are started to focus on it. Are you in need of money? Then this will be the right choice forever and surely you will not disappoint with this game. So don’t miss this ideal one to improve your financial status and try to play it from the trusted sites.

Keep away from high risk 


The online casino sites are designed as user-friendly ones so you can play them without anyone’s guidance. They are providing the secured transaction so you no need to bother about anything. If you are regularly playing this game you will get a clear idea about the logic behind it so don’t miss this unique one for any cause. This will never be the unwanted one for any people so try to recommend it to all.


Still, you are not started to utilize the online casino you are missing a great opportunity so don’t miss this unique one for any cause. This is the valuable one when compared to the other betting games and it will give immediate results to the players. After choosing the online casino most of the people are leading their peaceful life. Everyone needs money to fulfill their needs but it is not a simple thing to earn it but you will easily do it with the help of an online casino.

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The perfect way to multiply your money 

There are multiple people are started to utilize this online casino and are all giving excellent reports about it. So hereafter you no need to bother about how to earn money and the online casino will be the perfect one forever. These are all the advantages you will have from the casino games so try to share the merits of it with everyone and it will be more helpful for them.


Bitcoin Online Casinos Introduction What Makes Businesses To Adapt

Bitcoin Online Casinos Introduction What Makes Businesses To Adapt

The advancement of technology has created an incredible number of web-based player providers which enable players from around the world to participate in their favorite casino games slot online th without having to leave their homes comfortable. It needs only a secure internet connection and the registration at one of several online casinos to start playing.

The effect of Corona virus Pandemic on the Online Casino Industry. |  Worldcentre Kuwait.

What is and is Bitcoin functioning? 

Bitcoin first was released in 2009, but several years later in 2011 its popularity rose. In general, Bitcoin is a virtual currency that is decentralized. The first is “mining,” a method in which users sell their processing resources to gain Bitcoin in two ways 1bet2u ไทย. As a recompense. The second choice is to trade Bitcoins with normal and other currencies.

There are several perks of playing at online casinos using Bitcoin. Second, when you process your deposits or withdrawals with Bitcoin, there are no costs. This digital money is decentralized as yet another benefit to playing at Bitcoin casinos. Bitcoin isn’t related to any bank or government – crucial when you play in a country with illicit online gaming. It’s not a bank or government. The odds of getting the winnings seized by using Bitcoin are zero.

Players can handle the funds and retain anonymity concurrently with certain promotions and only use the player’s email for search and recovery purposes while using their digital currency. No confidential information about your casino funds is expected to be revealed. We can say between two forms of Bitcoin casinos: digital currencies only, and mixed currency casinos, where Bitcoins are exchanged into fiat currency to play with. The fiat currency is once again translated to Bitcoins as your withdrawals are processed.

Casinos with the Bitcoin currency provide a vast variety of games, so for any form of player there is something. There are several virtual slots online, but Bitcoin casinos will sell various variants of blackjack, roulets, poker and dice if you choose to play more conventional games. It doesn’t matter what sort of game you like, in any case you will enjoy yourself.

HOW BITCOIN IS REVOLUTIONIZING ONLINE GAMBLING & SPORTS BETTING | by Bitcoin  Casinos & Sports Betting | Bitcoin Casinos & Sports Betting | Medium

How it works, 

The “standard” currency Bitcoin is distinct from “Euro,” USD, GBP, etc. Bitcoin is the common cryptocurrency with the Peer-to-Peer marketplace and the unavailability of a central bank. Its reputation increased as it was adopted by hundreds of corporations and retailers around the world in 2014. Although Bitcoin is known as a cryptocurrency, it operates through a wallet. This wallet is mounted on the machine and the owner will pay electronically for products and services. The app does not belong to a single organization, it is free to use.


  • Bitcoin allows you the right to pay within a few seconds and the great thing is that the payments are far cheaper than the normal e-wallets.
  • You can pay through your computer or mobile device and can be confident that the maximum safety standard is promised.
  • Bitcoins are, as already described, a very good way of paying for your casino account. You will turn your cash to Bitcoins and safely deposit and withdraw.
  • It is the fact that the payments currently work that allows businesses able to turn to Bitcoin.

How to win in the Keno lottery

How to win in the Keno lottery

The entertainment that became popular around the world on a daily basis brings pleasure and wins millions of players. And, despite the fact that the rules of the Keno game are very simple and require no specialist knowledge, many casino lovers in all their manifestations are willing to play online bet malaysia their luck for hours in this lottery that is pleasant to the eyes and mind.

The essence of the game understands even a schoolboy. Keno, like most games of chance, is based on the generation of random numbers. For those who prefer online keno, a kind of “enemy” is a special program that randomly displays the numbers. The participant, in this case, bets on a few numbers on the playing field and, if the cells coincide in which the moves were made, the outcome of the game depends.

The multiplicity of combinations that can fall on the playing field makes the probability of a positive result small. A player can bet malaysia online casino on cells of 2-10 and the more the successful cells, the higher the reward. Those who once thought about how to win at Keno and tried their hand at it, know that it is almost the only game, where the winnings can be repeated to infinity. A rare occurrence of big prizes deprives bounty hunters of any hopes of instant enrichment, but then, as small amounts can often be won, it brings a very bright highlight into play, creating a very special perception of it.

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4 Ways to Play Keno Like an Expert - Keno Expert Tips

Lottery Winning System

Everything is simple, but ever-present fans and those who can rightly consider themselves masters of Keno are sure the system exists! What’s more, it is effective enough and tested by millions of players in all countries. Well, trying to understand it is not only possible but necessary, because finding the solution to the simplest logic puzzles, in any case, is useful. There are a few rules.

To ensure a positive outcome of the game, you need to know as much about Keno, as possible. Someone looks for ways through trial and error. Others ask friends and acquaintances. Some do the strategy. Smart gamers use strategies that were created by authentic professionals and perfected to unprecedented heights. What types of bets do they offer players in terms of the acceptable reception of one or the other bonuses, the percentage of the return and the presence of a progressive jackpot. It is a framework that helps you build your own Keno strategies and achieve success in it. You should also check the payment system and familiarize yourself with the reputation of the lottery operator. The small, but enjoyable and addictive game,

The game, where the player puts in smaller amounts, curiously, is much closer to winning than the game in large amounts. A small detail that could be decisive, especially in the early stages. Through simple mathematical calculations it is evident that the chances of betting 4 out of 10 are more than in 6 out of 10. Therefore, to understand how to win at Keno, you can precisely with small numbers.

The diversity of the bets must be used 100%. By testing the forces in one type of the plays, you can safely switch to another type that can be individual and combined. The game situation will tell you which bet is best at that moment. Thus, if gambling for a long time does not bring the winnings, this is a sure sign that it is time to change the strategy. The single and combination bets are worth trying.

Lastly, continuous improvement. Even in a Keno game you have the place. To consistently win, you have to be able over and over again to discover new facts about this game, the strategies and the ways in which you can win Keno. Everything is at your fingertips!

Need to win more cash at the gambling club? Try this

All things considered, in all honesty, who doesn’t?! We could all utilization some additional money once in a while. It’s dependent upon you to rehearse insight. Also, it’s not simply gambling exhortation on the suspect web, incidentally. Here’s how club gambling works… At times, you’ll go in and leave a failure. Different occasions, you’ll go in and leave a champ. Yet, a few card sharks can’t stop while they’re ahead.

Focus on The thing You’re Doing 

It’s simply an extravagant word that portrays the capacity to focus on the thing you’re doing. It’s anything but difficult to need a centre in a gambling club. Indeed, a large portion of the club games intentionally deters you from focusing. Gambling machines are the most deplorable model. 

Individuals who lose all sense of direction in gaming machine slot online Malaysia games’ mesmerizing impacts are designated “opening zombies” which is as it should be. In case you’re not giving full consideration to what exactly you’re doing, you’re not in any event, getting the most extreme measure of fun in return for your activity. All in all, why trouble gambling by any stretch of the imagination?

Utilize a Wagering Framework 

Most gambling essayists are in one of two camps. The principal camp recommends that wagering frameworks are the most noticeably terrible thing you might do in a club. All things considered, numerically, wagering frameworks do nothing to take out the house edge. 

The subsequent camp proposes that wagering frameworks furnish you with a sort of fake control that can some of the time help you leave the gambling club a victor. Here’s my take! Insofar as you comprehend that wagering frameworks don’t work over the long haul if it’s not too much trouble utilize whatever wagering framework you like. Simply ensure you’re having a great time while doing as such.

Set Counterfeit Cutoff points on yourself 

The most ideal approach to win more cash at the jdlclub is to define a success objectively and stopped when you hit it. After taking a gander at that point, incidentally, I was distinctly at the club for 15 minutes. It very well may be difficult to leave when you’ve just been at the club for 15 minutes, however on the off chance that you don’t figure out how to do that, you’ll always lose.

Attempt Gambling club Game Competitions 

A gambling club game competition permits you to play a club game for a coordinated period with the occasion to win enormous prize cash. You can play in a gambling machine competition, for instance, for a solitary section charge. On the off chance that you make a bigger number of twists than the other competition players, you can win the enormous prize. Various competitions have various principles, however, they quite often offer you a superior possibility of leaving a champ than simply playing the games like ordinary. The more wagers you place, the likelier it is that the gambling club will see their normal rewards

Do you know what all the games are in a casino?

Many times we hear people talk about the fun of going to the casino. This is a very common recreational activity for a large number of people around the world, and there are even entire cities like Las Vegas, in the United States, that are dedicated to offering this particular type of entertainment.

But, although we know a little about casinos, the common people do not know for sure what the games that are found in these establishments consist of.

There are games purely of luck and chance such as slots, while others are more of skill such as poker. So we are going to know a little more in depth everything that is available within a casino, whether in a physical establishment or online casinos.


This is one of the most characteristic games of a casino. It is a game that requires mathematical and psychological skills, as well as a lot of practice to master it, since this is what determines the chances of winning or losing. It is a very fun game for many people, even with the power to be quite addictive.


It is another of the most popular and fun games, slots or casino slot machines have caused a sensation since their invention, becoming a fundamental part of casino venues around the world and attracting a lot of attention thanks to the technology they apply, making them flashy and sound, creating a captivating gaming experience for both first-time gamers and more experienced players.


Roulette is considered to be the perfect game of chance since it offers great possibilities of winning and the possibilities are distributed equally among all participants. Roulette was invented by Pascal a couple of centuries ago, and has since become one of the most popular casino games in the world. To win at roulette you need to bet on a specific number, but you have a 50% chance of winning, which is not the case with other games of chance.

Sports betting Sports

fans and sports connoisseurs have the opportunity to bet on the main games and this is extremely exciting. In this type of bets there is a high factor of luck, but the level of knowledge that one has about the sports in question and the monitoring that you carry out on the performance of sports teams also intervenes, since this is what will allow You can correctly predict who will win which game and bet accordingly.


This is another game that combines chance and luck with the skill of the player and that makes it great to be distracted for hours. The essence of the game is to complete 21 without going over, therefore you must apply a little math and trust yourself in each game.